This winter, Steve Kutz and Manny Pablo with the Cowlitz Tribal Clinic connected with Snoqualmie Tribal Council Members with a way to support the Snoqualmie Tribe. They knew Snoqualmie had Tribal Elders and caretakers in need of the vaccine, but that the Tribe did not have a Tribal Clinic. The Snoqualmie Tribe was in the process of getting approved to order its own Moderna vaccines and setting up a temporary vaccination clinic, but there was a need to get the vaccine to Snoqualmie Tribal Elders as soon as possible.

After connecting with the Cowlitz Tribal Clinic, Snoqualmie Tribal Elders each received a phone call from Anetta Townsend and Cindy Mallory in the Snoqualmie Tribe Elder’s Care Team with the news many had been waiting to hear: COVID-19 vaccines were available! Cowlitz helped the Tribe’s team with making sure the process was as accessible and convenient as possible to our Tribal Elders.

Snoqualmie Tribal Elder and Veteran John Noonan was the first to visit the Cowlitz Clinic. “[My experience was] very professional. As soon as I arrived I was greeted with a smile, and immediately helped with my paperwork and given information about the vaccine from Commander Manny Pablo, who administered and observed the vaccine as well. The whole experience really made me feel comfortable and ready for my second shot.”

Our hands go up to Steve Kutz and Manny Pablo and others at the Cowlitz Tribe and Tribal Clinic for helping our Snoqualmie Elders when we needed it most.