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Vaccination Clinic

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Vaccination Clinic

About the Snoqualmie Tribe vaccination clinic including a map and volunteer opportunities. 


Tribal updates regarding vaccine appointment availability, vaccination stats and other general announcements.

Vaccine Information

Information about the COVID-19 Vaccine from reputable health organizations. 

Why Get Vaccinated?

By getting vaccinated against COVID-19, individuals are showing their commitment to preserving Native traditions, showing their cultural pride, and showing their love and respect for family, Elders, future generations, and the broader Native community.

Here are some quotes from Snoqualmie Tribal Members about what getting vaccinated against COVID-19 means to them. 

I am Barbara Holloway from the Monahan/Davis family; my mom was Theresa Goodwin and grandmother, Juanita Carpenter. I am a family practice medical provider, working in Port Orchard, Washington.

I feel blessed to have received both COVID 19 vaccines (Moderna) in January. This will enable me to more safely deliver care to my patients, improving safety for them as well as for myself; I am also hopeful that with more individuals vaccinated, we will move closer to getting to spend more time with family and friends; as I miss this very much.

Vaccinations are a choice, however; if there are not contraindications, such as allergy to vaccines/or vaccine components, then I highly recommend it.”

Barbara Holloway

Snoqualmie Tribal Member

Getting vaccinated is about the potential to protect our Elders, our families, and ourselves.”

Josh Fackrell

Snoqualmie Tribal Member

Getting the vaccine is about protection for my family. Making sure they are healthy and safe and making sure I stay healthy for them. Also getting back to a normal society to make it easier to practice our culture and go back to the smallest of customs, hugging friends and family.”

Josie Moses

Snoqualmie Tribal Member

I am looking forward to getting my COVID vaccine so I can ensure that I won’t be getting any of my people, especially my Elders sick from this terrible virus. Their health is very important to me and the knowledge and stories they have are priceless. I am looking forward when we can gather again and be able to celebrate our culture at retreats, over meals, and everywhere. I can’t wait to see everyone’s smiling faces not covered by masks.

Ginger De Los Angeles

Snoqualmie Tribal Member

I am Steven Mullen Moses, Tribal member, veteran, and the Director of Archeology & Historic Preservation for the Tribe. I am also a son, a father, and a grandfather. All of these roles have taught me that as part of a community, we need to look out and help each other. As COVID has stormed the world, everyone is impacted by its effects. I want todo my part of not just keeping myself safe, but those that I care and love for safe as well. Getting the vaccine and following all other safety protocols offers the best chance of all of us making it through this together, as a community and family.”

Steven Mullen-Moses

Snoqualmie Tribal Member

I am so happy and blessed to have been able to receive both of my COVID -19 vaccinations.I can still remember being young and seeing the older kids that had survived Polio, and the scars that they had to live with the rest of their life because there had not been a vaccine available to them. I believe in family, friends, tribe, and gathering. To be denied any of those things is unbearable to me. For me wearing a mask and getting vaccinated as soon as it was possible was an easy decision, I miss gathering so much! Our tribe is also at a time when we need to make some important decisions so we are able to keep moving forward, the sooner we are all safe enough that we can get back to gathering and meeting the sooner we can keep progressing.”

Lee Kirschner

Snoqualmie Tribal Elder

I am all positive on the vaccine and thankful for the opportunity to get vaccinated on our reservation. I believe in the science but understand those that have concerns about side effects because they are different for each of us. Despite any risks this vaccine is the best path forward for our community, State and the World

Kelly Donyes

Snoqualmie Tribal Member

I am so impressed! My appointment was at 4pm. I arrived at 3:50pm and left at 4:16pm! That was the fastest, smoothest vaccination appointment I have EVER had! I feel so confident in referring loved ones to the Vaccination Clinic at the Snoqualmie Reservation! Also, for those who really don’t like needles and normally get nauseous at just the mention of shots, this was stress free and pain free. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Melynda Digre

Snoqualmie Tribal Member & Tribal Council Secretary