Snoqualmie Tribe Vaccine Partnership

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About the Partnership

The Snoqualmie Indian Tribe, Eastside Fire & Rescue, and the cities of Sammamish and Issaquah have come together to help keep our community safe.


“Eastside Fire & Rescue has been working with the Snoqualmie Tribe since 2015, when the Tribe contracted EF&R to provide fire and EMS services on the Snoqualmie Reservation. It is an honor to be able to partner with the Tribe on vaccination efforts for their community and now the broader Eastside.”

Fire Chief Jeff Clark

Eastside Fire & Rescue

“The Snoqualmie Tribe Vaccine Partnership is an amazing story of just that – a successful partnership. Issaquah and Sammamish, along with numerous private and public partners, worked tirelessly to bring a community-based vaccination site to the Eastside. However, with vaccines in short supply, we had limited options. We are forever grateful for Snoqualmie Tribe’s partnership and care for our communities, and look forward to educating our residents about the tribe’s deep history on these ancestral lands.”

Mayor Mary Lou Pauly

City of Issaquah

“Our commitment from Sammamish is to continue the respectful partnership between our city and the Snoqualmie Tribe. We want to honor what the Snoqualmie Tribe has brought to our communities, not only in the form of vaccines, but also your culture, your history, your legacy, and your lands. We are so grateful to the Snoqualmie Tribe for this partnership, it will truly help save lives.”

Mayor Karen Moran

City of Sammamish

“The Snoqualmie Tribe is proud to be able to provide these vaccines to individuals living in the Snoqualmie Tribe’s ancestral lands. In the 1860’s, the Snoqualmie people and other Northwest Natives experienced great loss as white settlers adopted a smallpox vaccine policy that discriminated against Natives. Now, the Snoqualmie Tribe is exercising sovereignty through our Tribal values by caring for the people and communities living on our ancestral lands 160 years later during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Robert De Los Angeles

Snoqualmie Tribal Chairman